Every time I tape my patients, I first of all get their consent, and then I tell them that the purpose of the tape is to make them feel more supported and comfortable when they are walking, running, throwing, or whatever.

Then I say, “…and do you know why the tape works?” They respond, “no”. I reply, “The main benefit of taping is placebo, which means as it is stuck on to the skin, it makes the brain feel the part of the body that is currently being protected by pain, is also being ‘protected’ by a piece of tape, so pain can calm down a bit.”

“The tape may also give the brain the perception of support and confidence, so sometimes the muscles in the area contract more effectively.”

Though my patients usually laugh when I say that I think it is placebo, they seem to love my honesty and happily accept being taped. In my experience when I confess to the placebo effect, the tape even works better! I honestly don’t know what to think of that?

Perhaps it is because the word “placebo” in Latin means “to please” and my patients wish to please me for my genuine care for them and my blatant honesty.

I rarely endorse any products, but I really like this particular tape called Heali Tape. It is latex free, has a strong adhesive, and pre-cut, but what I like most about it is that it is infused with magnesium & menthol.

I have a theory that the placebo effect of this tape may be more than other tapes since the menthol “tingles” for days and reminds them that you taped them.

If you wish to give the Heali tape a try, use the COUPON Code “APTEI” and you will get a significant discount on the tapes.

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