?De Quervain?s Syndrome? ?or Neural?

Reference:18. Saplys R, Mackinnon S, Dellon A 1987 The relationship between nerve entrapment versus neuroma complications and the misdiagnosing of de Quervain?s disease. Contemporary Orthopaedics 15: 51-57

It is believed that entrapment of the superficial radial nerve is under-diagnosed. In this study 71 patients had been treated for entrapment of the superficial radial nerve and 17 of them had been diagnosed as De Quervain?s syndrome. (Saplys 1987)

Clinical Relevance: To help clinically differentiate between the thumb extensor tenosynovitis and the superficial radial nerve, apply the Finkelstein?s test (thumb flexion with ulnar deviation), and note pain reproductions.

Then slowly add the radial n. neurodynamic testing (NDT) and note if the NDT affects the symptoms produced by the Finkelstein?s test. If symptoms worsen, the de Quervain?s is likely Neurogenic in origin. (Butler 1991)

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Posted on: April 03, 2002


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