Signs of Neural Tissue Pathodynamics

The picture on the right demonstrates the ?classic? exaggerated posture of a patient with highly irritable neural tissue pathodynamics. She is doing everything in her power to minimize the distance the upper limb nerves have to travel.

a) Neck side flexed towards

b) Shoulder shrugged up

c) Shoulder in medial rotation

d) Elbow maintained in flexion

e) Arm supported by other arm to minimize the weight and traction forces on the brachial plexus

Most often patients do not present to the clinic in such exaggerated postures, but with more subtle postures where on the symptomatic side.

a) The cervical spine slightly side flexed towards

b) The scapula may be slightly elevated

c) The elbow may be slightly flexed

Posted on: April 03, 2002


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