Distal Tibio-fibular Joint Taping Post Inversion Injury

Reference:Mulligan B 2010 Manual Therapy NAGS,SNAGS, MWMS etc., 6th Edn. Hutcheson Bowman & Stewart Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

This taping technique should ideally be done if the fibular posterior glide MWMs have proven effective.

Place the ankle in a neutral position.

Start the tape from the lateral malloelus and pull the tape ?aggressively? in a postero-superior direction.

You may use your hand to apply the posterior glide on the lateral malleolus while the tape is being pulled in a postero-superior direction.

Wrap the tape posteriorly around the calf area (no need to pull hard there anymore).

Have the patient take a few steps immediately following the tape application and warn them that the first few steps may be uncomfortable due to the pull of the tape on the skin.

The ankle should immediately feel better when walking if the distal tibio-fibular joint was the cause of the pain.

Posted on: November 15, 2012

Categories: Foot & Ankle

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