Mobilization with Movement Posterior Fibular Glide Post Inversion Injury

Reference:Mulligan B 2012 Manual Therapy NAGS,SNAGS, MWMS etc., 6th Edn. Hutcheson Bowman & Stewart Ltd, Wellington, New Zealand

It is recommended that repositioning of the fibula should be attempted as soon as possible (even in the first 24 hours) following an ankle inversion sprain (as long as there is no suspected fracture of course!).

Glide the distal fibula in a dorso-cranial direction with the thenar eminence of your hand and curl your fingers around the Achilles tendon. The thenar eminence of your other hand is placed under the distal end of the medial malleolus. (Avoid placing your hands on the tender areas at the ankle joint itself.)

Maintain the glide in a pain free direction and request the patient to actively plantar flex and invert the ankle 5-10 times within a pain free range. If effective, do 2 more sets.

In the words of Brian Mulligan …you will sometimes see miracles happen!

Don’t forget to tape the fibula posteriorly before sending the patient home.

Posted on: November 15, 2012

Categories: Foot & Ankle

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