This prospective study showed those who had bracing and early rehab within 2 weeks of their ACL injury had superior outcomes with respect to their stability than those who received delayed rehab.

The idea of the earlier the better should make sense, as PTs we are hopefully more likely to have them WB earlier, improve their gait, and get rid of their crutches and dependence on the knee brace earlier. I believe the most valuable thing PTs can do in the initial acute phase post ACL injury is to assure them of eventual recovery and minimize their fears.

When it come to rehab post ACL injuries, the sooner the better!

“Conservative treatment and rehabilitation under supervision of a dedicated physiotherapist is an underestimated treatment.”Heusdens 2021

REFERENCE: Park YG, Ha CW, Park YB, Na SE, Kim M, Kim TS, Chu YY. Is it worth to perform initial non-operative treatment for patients with acute ACL injury?: a prospective cohort prognostic study. Knee Surg Relat Res. 2021 Apr 6;33(1):11.
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