Does ?Piriformis Syndrome? Exist?

Since initially proposed by a surgeon in 1937, ‘Piriformis Syndrome’ has been one of the more controversial causes of gluteal pain and sciatica.

In 2009, the questions still remain, “Does the condition actually exist? Can piriformis tone actually cause ‘sciatica’? If it can, how can it be clinically identified?”

The flexion/ adduction/ internal rotation (FAIR) test is hypothesized to be a test for the piriformis muscle involvement in individuals with gluteal pain.

This study showed that the FAIR test could help identify those who benefited from Botox injections into the piriformis muscle. On the other hand, the patients who had a negative FAIR test, were unlikely to respond to the same Botox injections. Perhaps the syndrome exists!!

Posted on: December 03, 2009

Categories: Lumbar Spine , Hip

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