Taping for Shin Splints

The most common goal of therapeutic taping is what Jenny McConnell refers to as “tissue unloading”. We can apply the unloading concept to any musculoskeletal condition including shin splits / over-use of the tibialis anterior muscle.

With the ankle in neutral dorsiflexion, apply the tape cranially and make wrinkles with the brown tape (not with the white tape).

As strange as it sounds, one exercise option is to have the patient walk backwards for a few minutes. This is obviously not recommended to do on busy streets, but in a park.

Tibialis anterior activity is decreased with backwards walking, as heel strike does not occur therefore dorsiflexion is not required.

Try the taping technique and the backwards-walking suggestion on your next patient with shin splints and tell me what you think!

Posted on: December 03, 2009

Categories: Foot & Ankle , Modalities / Meds / Supplements

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