Don?t Stretch the Pecs?for some Impingement Syndromes!


?Rounded shoulders? may be a significant contributor to persistent rotator cuff impingement syndromes…but think twice before you teach a self-pec stretch!

In some patients with impingement syndromes, self-pec stretching could potentially be a terrible exercise…why?

The stretch is a great way to stretch the anterior gleno-humeral (GH) capsule…

therefore it?s a great way to promote anterior translation of the humeral head

…therefore it?s a great way to aggravate an impingement syndrome!

Clinical advice: If an impingement is related to an anteriorly translated humeral head (which is quite common), AVOID self-pec stretches!

Other mobilizations & postural correction techniques are reviewed in the APTEI Video/Book program, ?The shoulder Complex (Part I)?.

Posted on: January 24, 2003

Categories: Shoulder

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