Fibromyalgia & Diet??!!

Reference:Donaldson MS, et al Fibromyalgia syndrome improved using a mostly raw vegetarian diet: an observational study. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2001;1:7. Epub 2001 Sep 26.

This prospective study placed 30 patients with fibromyalgia on a 4-month vegetarian raw food diet. The diet included raw fruits, salads, carrot juice, tubers, grain products, nuts, seeds, and a dehydrated barley grass juice product.

After 4 months, 19 of 30 subjects were classified as responders, with significant improvement on all measured outcomes, compared to no improvement among the 11 non-responders. The mean fibromyalgia impact questionnaire score was reduced by 46%.

Clinical Relevance: Based on this low quality study, you may suggest to your next patient with fibromyalgia, to consider seeing a registered dietician or a naturopath to discuss a healthy raw vegetarian diet. It may be worth a shot!

Posted on: October 06, 2011

Categories: Fascinating Pain Studies , Modalities / Meds / Supplements

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