Forward Bending?A Reliable Outcome Measure!

Reference:Gauvin M, Ridle D, Rothstein J. 1990 Reliability of clinical measurements of forward bending using the modified finger-to-floor method. Physical Therapy 70:443-7

Here is an easy, practical and reliable method of measuring and monitoring forward bending range of motion.

Procedure: The patient is asked to bend forward and attempt to touch the floor with the fingertips. The therapist then measures the distance between the patient?s right long finger and the floor.

Limitations: This test does not measure isolated lumbar flexion ROM, as it includes pelvic, hip, thoracic spine and arm movement, and so the test is influenced by a variety of structures.

Clinical Relevance: This test can be used to document a common impairment seen in patients with low back pain, and changes in forward bending ROM can be used to monitor progression.

Posted on: January 24, 2003

Categories: Lumbar Spine

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