Highly Effective Taping Technique for Lateral Epicondylalgia / Tennis Elbow?

This is a potentially effective taping technique for those with highly irritable lateral epicondylalgia. The tape helps unload the sensitive / irritated soft-tissues and neural tissues at the common extensor origin.

This taping technique will also help limit terminal elbow extension and full forearm pronation. The tape will therefore remind the patient to avoid gripping with the elbow in full extension and pronation, which is often an aggravating factor.

Important Hints on the Technique:

Ask the patient to fully supinate and flex the elbow to approximately 20° before the tape application.

Tape #1: Start from the common extensor muscle belly and pull the tape obliquely and slightly posteriorly towards the distal lateral humerus.

Note: Ensure skin convolutions are made when applying the �??brown�?? tape.

Tape #2 & 3: Anchor the distal and proximal ends of the tapes to secure the edges.

Note: This taping technique will still allow the patient to have full functional elbow flexion and supination.

Interesting note: Tuf Skin� may be used to maximize tape adhesiveness. A small amount may be sprayed directly onto the “white tape”.

If you wish to learn more therapeutic taping techniques & about their indications, a comprehensive reference Manual / Text including an instructional DVD / video is available.

Posted on: September 15, 2004

Categories: Elbow

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