How Do You Do the SLSSE Neural Mobilization?

Reference: Cleland J, McRae M 2002 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I: Management through the use of vertebral and sympathetic trunk mobilization. The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 10(4): 188-199

1)Patient is placed in long sitting to load the dural tissues

2)The thoracic spine is flexed, side flexed and rotated away to mechanically load the sympathetic trunk

3)A postero-anterior (PA) mobilization (Gr. IV) is performed at the costovertebral joints of the appropriate thoracic levels

(lower levels to effect the lower extremities and higher levels to effect the upper extremities)

4)The mobilization can be performed for 30-60 seconds at each level (e.g. T10-12) with a one-minute break between segments

After the mobilizations anticipate immediate changes in leg or arm pain intensity and/or sympathetic activity.

Other highly effective neural mobilization techniques are clearly described and demonstrated in the APTEI Video/Book program, ?Lumbar & Cervical Neural Tissue Pathodynamics?.

Posted on: April 03, 2003

Categories: Fascinating Pain Studies

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