An Impressive Treatment Option for CRPS!

Reference: Cleland J, McRae M 2002 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome I: Management through the use of vertebral and sympathetic trunk mobilization. The Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 10(4): 188-199

This single case study supports my own positive clinical experience with using the Slump Long Sitting with Sympathetic Emphasis (SLSSE) mobilization technique on patients presenting with signs & symptoms of CRPS.

A 50 year-old female 8-weeks following a fracture of her right tibia and femur was diagnosed with right lower leg CRPS.

The patient had immediate improvements in her symptoms following the SLSSE mobilizations.

After 10 treatments sessions using the SLSSE mobilization and of course other functional exercises, she had dramatic improvements in her symptoms and function.

Posted on: April 03, 2003

Categories: Fascinating Pain Studies

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