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I had an MD contact me and say that he received a note from an insurance “rehab specialist” questioning his prescription of a course of physiotherapy on the grounds that the patient had already seen a kinesiologist, so what’s the point of seeing a PT?

If the patient failed with the kinesiologist what more can a PT do?

This demonstrates the need for us/our association to work harder in promoting the PT profession as exercise specialists for individuals in pain. Our university education and some PTs focus so much on passive modalities…and frankly it really peeves me off!

(Note: I avoided using bad language)

When kinesiologists are more known for exercise prescription than us? it?s just sad!

I compare this to a pharmacist and an MD. A pharmacist knows everything about drugs, but which one to exactly prescribe and what dose is the job of the MD. With great respect to pharmacists, they do not have the training and cannot diagnose or decide what dose of which drug to give to patients with various diseases.

A kinesiologist may know everything about exercising a healthy person but again, with great respect, they do not have the training and cannot diagnose, decide which and what dose exercise to give to patients with various orthopaedic or neurological conditions.

I want to make sure you know that I am in no way bashing kinesiologists. I would even wear this t-shirt if need be. I am blaming the ignorance of the insurance adjustor who did not know the difference between a kin and a PT.

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Posted on: October 11, 2015

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