Management of Lateral Hip Pain

So now that you’ve diagnosed your patient as having greater trochanteric bursitis (GTB) and/or gluteal tendinopathy (GT), what can you do about it? Here is a list of 10 suggestions before resorting to cortisone injection or surgery.

  • Use a topical NSAID cream (unlike oral NSAIDs there is at least no risk of GI side effects)


  • Use a cane on the opposite hand to reduce the gluteal load on the greater trochanter. The temporary use of a cane may be one of the single best interventions.


  • Avoid sleeping on the affected hip. When sleeping on the unaffected hip, use an abductor pillow to keep the hips apart.


  • Reduce running or walking distance (if possible try not to completely stop, do as tolerated without causing pain)


  • Modify running shoes, running style, cadence, avoid hills or try elliptical machine for a while


  • Hold handrail and take stairs one step at a time using the unaffected leg


  • Deep squats to maintain hip mobility (3 reps once a day)


  • Eccentric hip abductor strengthening (e.g. Single leg standing clock excursion reach)


  • Hip abduction and adduction mobility exercises (e.g. clock lunges). See videos on com where you may freely access all my exercise videos.

Tissue distraction release with movement (TDR-WM) to ITB and hip abductors. Email me to get the free TDR e book.


Reference: Sorry no good study to reference. Only personal experience

Lateral Hip Pain

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