This eye-opening article, suggests that the current opioid crisis should not simply be linked to a pain crisis but to a health condition known as opioid use disorder (OUD). Greater incidence of OUD has been linked homelessness, poverty, and those with childhood traumas.

 “I fear this focus on pain and overdose is a focus merely on the symptoms of a broader crisis — a crisis of under-managed mental illness and unresolved emotional trauma throughout Canada.” – D. Walton

It is fascinating that in the USA, lower prevalence of OUD was found in the states with greater access to mental health care. To reduce the impact of OUD, Canada must invest in greater mental health programs.

“We need to think about a world after the opioid crisis has passed — to ensure that mental health services are available and that those who require opioids for intolerable pain have options.” – D. Walton (You may access his full article here.)

Reference: Dave Walton, PT, PhD, School of Physical Therapy, Western University  April 14, 2019

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