Research Supporting Neck Proprioception/ Position Sense Training!

Reference:Jull G, Falla D, Treleaven J, Hodges P, Vicenzino B. Retraining cervical joint position sense: the effect of two exercise regimes. J Orthop Res. 2007 Mar;25(3):404-12.

This study compared the effects of specific proprioceptive training and craniocervical flexion training on cervical position error (JPE) (i.e. proprioception) in those with persistent neck pain.

64 patients with persistent neck pain and deficits in JPE were randomized into two exercise groups:

1) Proprioceptive training or
2) Deep neck flexor muscle training using craniovertebral flexion exercises

All patients received PT once per week for 6-weeks.

Result:Both groups had significant improvements in:


  • proprioception /JPE
  • neck pain intensity
  • perceived disabilityThe specific proprioception-training group had marginally better outcomes than the deep cervical muscle retraining group.

    Clinical Relevance: This study supports that improved neck proprioception can occur following either exercise protocol. It is hypothesized that direct training of relocation sense helps improve cervical afferent input.

    Posted on: May 01, 2008

    Categories: Cervical Spine

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