Roland Morris Questionnaire

Reference:Roland M. Morris R. A study of the natural history of back pain Part I: development of a reliable and sensitive measure of disability in low-back pain. Spine 1983;8:141-4

This is an evidenced based outcome measure that ALL Physical Therapists treating “low back pain” should incorporate into their daily practice.

Or else…how do know and can we prove if patients are getting better?

This is a simple questionnaire that takes only a few minutes to complete and 10 seconds for the PT to add up the score.

The minimal detectable change is a difference of at least 5 points.

The minimal clinically significant change is also a difference of at least 5 points.

The questionnaire may be given to patients every 2-4 weeks to monitor progress and justify continued PT management.

To view and print out the Roland Morris Questionnaire (RMQ), simply view the heading RMQ in the APTEI Library.

Posted on: November 09, 2003

Categories: Lumbar Spine

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