Sciatica or SIJ Pain Referral? New Evidence!

This thorough anatomical study provides evidence that suggests dysfunction in the sacro-iliac (SI) joint could, similar to a herniated lumbar disc, produce pain along the sciatic nerve.

This unique study showed the presence of Substance P in the periarticular tissues of the SIJs of patients with “sciatica”.

In an injured and inflamed SI joint, the leakage of synovial fluid containing inflammatory mediators (including Substance P) could irritate the lumbo-sacral neural tissues (L4-S2).

It is therefore plausible that with capsular disruption, inflammatory mediators could leak from the SIJ to the nearby neural structures. If so, SIJ pathology could explain radicular pain in certain patients.

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Categories: SI & Pelvis

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