STARmat: Active Hip Flexion Evaluation

Reference:All refernces are available in the STARmat Manual & DVD

The patient is to hold the red handle of the STARpole with one hand for support and instructed,
“Stand up tall and raise one knee up to as high as possible”. The furthest distance the knee is raised along the STARpole is measured.

The active hip flexion test is performed on each leg 3 times where the best effort is considered as the outcome.

It must be appreciated that this is not meant to be an isolated hip ROM assessment as inevitably some pelvic and lumbar movements do occur. However, the small compensatory lumbar flexion appears to have little influence on the actual outcome.

Clinical Scenario: A 40 year old factory worker with right sided LBP presents with…

Active Hip Flexion
Left: 122cm
Right: 95cm

There is obviously a significant asymmetry in the active hip flexion test.

Therefore, unless this is addressed and hip flexion ROM is improved (ideally to 120cm, in order to be symmetrical), this patient may be at a significantly greater risk of a re-injuring his lumbar spine upon returning to lifting, bending and twisting activities.

Posted on: May 05, 2013

Categories: Lumbar Spine , Hip , Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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