STARmat: Effective Activation of Gluteus Medius and Vastus Medialis

Reference:Norris B, Trudelle-Jackson E. Hip- and thigh-muscle activation during the star excursion balance test. J Sport Rehabil. 2011 Nov;20(4):428-41.

During the eccentric phase of Star Excusrion Balance Test (SEBT) (anterior, medial and postero-medial direction reaches), EMG measurements from the gluteus medius (Gmed), gluteus maximus (Gmax), and vastus medialis (VM) were measured on healthy asymptomatic individuals.

1) The VM activation exceeded the 40-60% threshold in all 3 directions. Therefore the excusrion reach in the anterior, medial and postero-medial directions may be used as a VM strengthening exercise.

2) GMed activity also exceeded the threshold in the medial direction. Therefore theexcursion reach in the medial direction may be used as a GMed strengthening exercise.

3) GMax activation was below the 40% threshold for all 3 reach directions. Therefore the SEBT alone may not elicit strengthening effects for the Gmax (added hip resistance via tubing or holding dumbbells, or greater forward bending may be required …yet to be investigated!)

Posted on: May 05, 2013

Categories: Hip , Knee , Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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