STARmat: Gluteal Strength Predicts Excursion Distance

Reference:Hubbard TJ, Kramer LC, Denegar CR, Hertel J. Correlations among multiple measures of functional and mechanical instability in subjects with chronic ankle instability. J Athl Train. 2007 Jul-Sep;42(3):361-6.

This study showed that hip abduction strength was correlated with the posterior-medial reach and hip extension strength was correlated with the posterior-lateral reach of the Star Excursion Balance Test(SEBT).

Basically, the stronger the hip abductors and extensors are, the further the SEBT reach in both directions. This makes the SEBT a potential means of evaluating dynamic gluteal strength.

Furthermore dynamic balance deficits seen in patients with Chronic Ankle Instability (CAI) may partially be related to weakness in the hip abductors and extensors and not necessarily poor proprioception localized to the ankle!

Posted on: May 05, 2013


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