Studies to Support the Role of Diet in Managing Pain & Inflammation

“Dietary manipulation provides a means by which patients can regain a sense of control over their condition.” 1 For example, simply adding bottled fish oil to a diet is practical and can be easily achieved!

“A prospective study suggests that higher intakes of meat and total protein as well as lower intakes of fruit, vegetables, and vitamin C are associated with an increased risk of inflammatory polyarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.” 2

“There is evidence that rheumatoid arthritis is less severe in the southern Mediterranean countries, such as Italy and Greece, where oil-rich fish, fruit, vegetables and olive oil are consumed in greater amounts than in many other countries.” 3

“There was evidence of a protective effect of higher consumption of olive oil, oil-rich fish, fruit, vegetables and beta-cryptoxanthin.” 4

“It can be concluded that vegan diet had significantly beneficial effects on fibromyalgia symptoms at least in the short run.” 5

“This dietary intervention shows that many fibromyalgia subjects can be helped by a mostly raw vegetarian diet.” 6

Some individuals with persistent vague neck, back, knee and shoulder pain, also ‘coincidentally’ suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). ‘Coincidentally’, some have reported that once their IBS was under control, their other symptoms also felt better and unfortunately visa versa.

There are a few studies supporting the fact that an elimination diet of specific foods has resulted in favourable outcome for some individuals with IBS.7-8 (e.g. milk, eggs, wheat, beef, pork and lamb)

The best way to determine specific food sensitivities is by seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who is experienced in the area of ELISA IgG Food Sensitivity testing.


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Posted on: October 06, 2011


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