Taping for Morton?s Neuroma or 2nd Metatarsalgia!

Reference:Jam B, Varamini A, Therapeutic Taping 2005 Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute Publication

Here is one of the simplest yet ‘miraculous’ taping techniques I can possibly show you. The next time you have a patient who complains of pain on every step under his/her 2nd metatarsal head, try the following taping technique.

Gently squeeze the forefoot in order to slightly increase the transverse arch. Apply the tape on the plantar aspect of the forefoot and maintain the slight increase in transverse arch.

This helps keep the 2nd-3rd metatarsal heads ‘floating’ above the floor, therefore preventing direct impact with the floor at mid-stance and during push off.

It will feel tight and uncomfortable at first. If this helps, the long-term solution is ideally a meta-tarsal pad inside a shoe or on an orthotic.

Posted on: June 04, 2009


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