Tight Iliopsoas?? So what?

Reference:1) Jorgensson A. The iliopsoas muscle and the lumbar spine. Australian Physiotherapy 39(2): 125-132 (1993) 2) Ingber R. Iliopsoas myofascial dysfunction: A treatable cause of ?failed? low back syndrome. Arch Phys Med Rehab (70): 382-386 (1989)

60 normal asymptomatic subjects were studied.

There was a weak correlation between iliopsoas tightness and increased lordosis (as lordosis is also determined by many other intrinsic factors)

In another study though, a Physician reported of several cases where dry needle trigger point injections and passive stretching of the iliopsoas muscle dramatically and rapidly improved lumbar and hip extension ranges. The treatments also dramatically resolved the patients? chronic LBP symptoms

Posted on: February 16, 2002

Categories: Hip

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