The "Double Crush" Syndrome

Reference:Eason 1985 Carpal tunnel release: analysis of suboptimal results. J Hand Surg [Br] 10(3):365-9

The results of carpal tunnel surgical release are generally good, but not all patients get complete and long lasting relief

34 patients with persisting ‘CTS’ symptoms post surgical CT release were evaluated

81% had associated persistent neck pain and/or abnormal cervical X-rays (typically narrowing of C5-6 and/or C6-7 disc spaces)

Result:This retrospective review supports a ?double crush? phenomenon.

Personal Comment:Think of a garden hose, if there is a ‘kink’ at one end, water may still flow, BUT if there is a ‘kink’ at both ends of the hose, water flow is significantly reduced

i.e. Axonal transport is sufficiently blocked causing symptoms of parasthesia and weakness

Posted on: February 16, 2002

Categories: Wrist & Hand

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