TMJ Exercise for Anterior Disc Displacement With Reduction

1) Keep upright posture by imagining a string pulling up from the top and back of the head towards the ceiling

2) Keep tongue at the roof of the mouth (clucking position)

3a) Open mouth by focusing on bringing the chin towards the throat until AFTER the point of the opening “click”.

3b) Close the mouth again only to the point PRIOR to the closing “click”…gradually increase the zone of “no click”

4)If the exercise increases or reproduces pain, STOP!

5) Perform the exercise 5X5X5…meaning 5 reps, hold 5 Seconds repeat at least 5 times per day

IMPORTANT NOTE: This exercise may not be appropriate for other TMJ conditions, so correct diagnosis of Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction is essential

Posted on: August 06, 2004

Categories: TMJ

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