VOMIT (Victim of Medical Imaging Technology)


There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the information on this poster. Please have the small card version of the poster at hand to show your patients who have been told they have DDD, disc bulges, arthritis and rotator cuff tears.

I urge you to hang up the full size VOMIT poster at your clinic and get one as a gift for a referring physician (see www.aptei.com/shop). I have yet to have an MD who disagreed with the information on the poster. There are two reasons why MDs do not typically disclose the information on the VOMIT poster:

1. They simply do not have time to give a full explanation of their patient’s radiological report. It is just easier to say, “Yes, your neck x-ray shows you have degeneration at multiple levels”

2. They truly are not aware of the research studies on normal prevalence and epidemiology. MDs genuinely do not know that 75% of asymptomatic people have cervical disc bulges, 85% of asymptomatic adults have knee OA, etc. so when MDs see the radiological reports, they panic which makes the patients panic even more.

If only all MDs knew about and shared the information on the VOMIT poster, I truly believe it would save the Canadian health care system millions of dollars.

I just don’t know how we can spread the information to MDs other than one at a time!

Posted on: June 12, 2014

Categories: Relevant Physical Therapy Articles

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