Health Tips to learn from Children, Chimps & your Physical Therapist


MAXIMUM 2 Books per order.

What can we learn from primates?

What can we learn from children?

What can we learn from physical therapists?

Well, get this book and start reading it.

The intention of this book is to provide an educational yet fun read about health and physical activity.



This book intended to be placed in all rehab clinics to provide an educational yet fun read about health, physical activity and promote the value of physical therapy.

Hardcover / 56 pages / 6″ x 9″ / Colour / Guaranteed fun read / Guaranteed to improve health (if instructions are followed)

How often do you squat when toileting?

How often do you walk barefoot?

How often do you use a pillow for sleeping?

How often do you yawn and stretch in the mornings?

How often do you go for a 30-60 minute walk?

How often do you practice mindfulness breathing?

How often do you hang with your arms or fully raise your arms over your head?

How often do you squat or sit on the floor?

How much time do you spend outdoors in nature?

How often do you do strength training?

How often do you sit for more than 2 hours a day?

What is your primary reason for being physically active? Do you enjoy and get pleasure from being physically  active?

How do you wake up most mornings?


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