Effective Mobilization for Lateral Epicondylitis

I have had great and immediate positive results using the lateral glide technique as described by Brian Mulligan on my patients suffering from ?tennis elbow?. To apply the technique…

1. Ask the patient to grip in the position that produces their symptom e.g. in elbow extension and pronation

2. Ask the patient to relax, then a sustained lateral glide mobilization is applied to the proximal forearm either with a belt or with the hands.

3. While the lateral glide is maintained the patient is asked to form a grip again and hold for approx. 3 seconds?frequently the patient will report that this time the grip is pain-free.

Note: To achieve this positive effect the mobilization must be applied in the ?right? direction with the ‘right’ amount of force…which varies among all individuals!

4. Step #3 may be repeated 10 times and 3 sets may be required to eliminate the normally painful grip.

Note: The technique must be pain-free; never continue if the patient reports of pain.

All other therapies may still be used in conjunction with this technique.

Posted on: February 18, 2002

Categories: Elbow

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